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Guilty Pleasures © Sue Ransley

Guilty Pleasures


The wide sweeping bay of San Sebastian, almost empty bar a few dog walkers, yet something drew me to the edge of the promenade. And there right below me were these two. What sort of cosmic forces compelled me to walk to the edge??? Whatever it was, I'm so grateful it did! I had to wonder why they had hidden themselves away from view - what were they up to? Was it illicit teenage fumbling? Enjoying a daytime tipple of Rum & Coffee, Madeleine's or Turron (local favourite treats) - or maybe uncool reading matter? Whatever it was, it gave me the impression they were enjoying Guilty Pleasures!

I loved the birds eye perspective of these two, and in turn love how people react to the image, twisting their heads convinced I've hung the painting upside down!

120 x 90cm
Oil on Canvas

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