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Beach Bums © Sue Ransley
Sue Ransley - artist

Sue Ransley


Surrey Artist of the Year Finalist 2021 & 2023

Creates Magazine Emerging Artist Award Winner 2019

The Women In Art Prize Finalist 2018 & 2019

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A Bit About Me

Hello, I'm Sue Ransley

I live near Petworth in West Sussex with my husband of over 30 years - Josef. We live in an idyllic bit of countryside. We moved out of town in the hope that we might have a few chickens. We went to a neighbour for a drink shortly after moving here, and came home having bought two cattle, and two Alpaca’s!! Beware the dangers of drink!!!  We’ve actually had quite a menagerie over the years. At one point we had alpacas, cows, pigs, sheep, runner ducks, turkeys and chickens – just two or three of each, like the Ark. It was quite a busy small holding. But now we are now down to one Alpaca, two sheep, and three hens.

We are both avid sketchers, and we are in our happy place out and about, people watching, with sketch books and cameras in hand. And we love to travel. When we took our eldest Grandson to Belgium for half term in 2022, and sat down in a café, all three of us got out our sketchbooks. That was special 😊

I’m a people painter. I used to try the odd landscape, only to find it empty without humans in it. I’m happy to put some background into a painting to give it some context, but for me the people are the focus. I’ve always been a people person. And just recently we realised that even in my choice of books (we read a lot too) I need strong characters, and good dialogue. If there are too many descriptive passages they get skimmed through!!


In my art my focus is on the lighter side of life, and ordinary everyday folk - the real not the ideal - think moobs and muffin-tops, or socks and sandals. I want to celebrate us, in all our glory.

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