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Don & Maxine © Sue Ransley

Don & Maxine


Here's a love story I drew for Valentines Day.It's a true story that was reported in the papers back in 2014, which I came across at the beginning of 2023.

Not many can lay claim to fulfilling their vow of 'till death do us part'. But Don and Maxine Simpson, of Bakersfield, California, were married 62 years and died within four hours of each other.The couple met at a bowling alley and were inseparable ever after. They travelled the world, adopting two sons along the way, and became well-respected members of their community.Don was taken to the hospital when he fell and broke his hip, but within two weeks his health quickly started to deteriorate. At the same time, the cancer his wife had been fighting started to progress as well. The family knew they couldn’t be apart now, so they moved them both to a spare room in the family’s home, with their beds side by side.Maxine woke up and saw Don beside her, and the couple spent their final hours as they always had, together, holding hands and smiling. With her family and the love of her life by her side, Maxine Simpson quietly passed away. Her husband followed four hours later as they took his wife from the room.

This story stayed with me - I found it a powerful testament to a strong partnership. So, I made this drawing, as I find making work helps me mark those moments that have moved me. Also, it was a lovely way to warm up - I don't make drawings very often - more usually using paint to draw with. But I was about to make a series of drawings – ‘Long Loves’ – this story, again, having prompted the thought. When I see older couples showing affection, holding hands, having a hug, or flirting - it fills my heart, and makes me smile. It's hopeful, and life affirming.

Himself and I celebrate 30 years of marriage in 2023, and at times I'm sure we both feel like we deserve medals!! 🤣 So to me it is very much worth celebrating those that have made it through a lifetime together.Do you have a love story like this in your family? Do please share...

20 x 36cm

Ink and Pencil on Paper

Custom oak finish frame - 33 x 49cm

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