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Blue Bells © Sue Ransley

Blue Bells


I have been showing as part of the Arundel Gallery Trail for a few years now – its one of my favourite times of the year. The trail organisers run a ‘Secret Artist Auction’ each year to raise funds for the trail. This was my contribution in 2022. These two lovelies weren’t doing much swimming – but a lot of chatting!


As the organisers are happy if its not too obvious who has painted what, I try and use the auction as an opportunity to try something different. And for this I tried adding an impasto medium. It was interesting how different the paint behaved for me. But even so, all through that years trail, visitors to my venue kept saying ‘you’re the Blue Belles aren’t you!’ Busted 🤣


30 x 30cm
Acrylic on MDF

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