Plein Air Painting with Haidee-Jo Summers

I'm a strong believer in pushing yourself, and facing your fears. I'm a studio painter of people - I'm terrified of painting trees and landscapes - I mean where does a landscape start and end?? Whereas people are heads and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes! You know where you are with a human, you can see where they start and finish! And as for painting plein air???? Ugh!

So I asked Father Christmas for a weekend workshop of Plein Air Painting - and he was very accommodating :). And if you're going to learn something, learn from one of the best. Thats how I found myself in lovely Harwich at The Old Bank Studios for a course with none other than Haidee-Jo Summers!

Seeing a master at work is invaluable, seeing how they set up, how they handle their brush and medium - and its humbling when you find they are so generous and sharing of their knowledge. Im still terrified of landscapes (Trees especially!) but I feel empowered by that weekend, and will definitely be manning up and having another go at some point! Thank you Haidee-Jo!