70 artists were selected from over 800 entrants by a selection committee that included the likes of Gavin Turk - so I was a very chuffed bunny to be in the mix!. Artrooms is held at The Melia White House Hotel, and each artist is given a bedroom in which to exhibit. I set myself the theme of privacy and intimacy, as this is what I see bedrooms as being about, but my work is always about people I have seen, and I wasn't about to paint soft porn - so instead I explored how we deal with these issues publicly. But I had fun with the theme in dressing the room for the show.......unmade bed; fluffy bunny slippers; hot water bottle; room service tray parked on the side; Paracetamol on one night stand - herbal Viagra on the other; partially completed Sudoku in the bathroom - you get the idea - I made the room lived in by ordinary everyday folk!