Hello, I'm Sue Ransley

I’m drawn (no pun intended) to producing people paintings. I used to try the odd landscape, only to find it empty without humans in it. I want to capture the moment, that quirky mannerism, the hunch of the shoulder, the rolled foot – whatever it maybe, I see it, and see it as a painting. Sometimes what I’ve seen is obvious in the image, other times it’s about my imagination – having guessed at the persons thoughts or conversation at that precise moment, and I’m translating what I’ve seen onto the canvas/paper.

My focus is on the lighter side of life, and ordinary everyday folk - the real not the ideal, think moobs and muffintops. My hope being that you’ll recognise something in the image, that gives you a feeling of familiarity - like it’s a reflection of someone you know.

Most of my work is in oil paint, and acrylics, but I occasionally experiment with watercolour and gouache. I rely on my own reference, as my camera, and eye, hopefully, catches the moment that caught my attention. My work focuses on the essence of the image, rather than the detail, and I'm an unashamed colourist.

The Big Mama's and me